Register your Next ’17 Extended event.

This page will help you fill out the Next ’17 Extended registration form by pre-populating it with your event information.

1. Create your invitation

Create a public RSVP page for your Next ’17 Extended event using an event organizer platform of your choice (e.g., Facebook, Meetup, and Eventbrite). We can only feature PUBLIC events on the Next ’17 website. Once created, enter the URL below.

2. Set location

Type in your event’s address below and visually confirm the pin is at your event location. If it’s not correct, adjust the marker by dragging it to the correct location on the map. If Google Maps cannot find your location, double click the map and move the pin to the correct location.

3. Complete

Once you’ve added your event URL and set the location, click “Go to registration form” below. This will open the Next ’17 Extended registration form with your information pre-populated. You’ll then finish filling out the form and your event will be featured on the Next ’17 website soon.

Go to registration form