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Become a Google Certified Professional or practice your skills with hands-on Codelabs.

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Go deeper and learn more by attending full-day training bootcamps on the Monday and/or Tuesday before Next ’17. These interactive-rich sessions will include demonstrations, hands-on coding labs, and expert Googler facilitation.

Registration for Next ’17 Bootcamps is closed. Click here to sign up for training online.

  • Serverless Machine Learning with Cloud ML

    During this bootcamp you’ll learn machine learning (ML) and TensorFlow concepts, and develop hands-on skills in developing, evaluating, and productionizing ML models.

  • From Data to Insights with BigQuery

    Study data management and advanced analytics using BigQuery’s Standard SQL language. Plus, you’ll learn to integrate BigQuery with other Google tools, including Cloud ML and Data Studio 360.

  • IoT: Collecting and Analyzing Streaming Sensor Data on GCP

    Learn the basics of hardware device interfaces, sensor modules, and sensor data analytics on Google Cloud Platform.

  • Securing Your Environments on GCP

    Spend the day learning about best practices for securing Google Cloud Platform resources.

  • Deploying & Managing Windows® Workloads on GCP

    During this bootcamp you’ll learn to deploy and manage Windows® workloads on Google Cloud Platform.

  • Kubernetes Kickstart

    Learn how to containerize workloads, deploy them to Google Container Engine clusters, scale them to handle increased traffic, and continuously deploy to provide application updates.


Become a Google Certified Professional and show the world that you can design, develop, manage, and administer application infrastructure and data solutions on Google Cloud technology.

Certified Professional

Cloud Architect

Demonstrate your proficiency to design, build, and manage solutions on Google Cloud Platform. Learn more


Certified Professional

Data Engineer (Beta)

Demonstrate your proficiency to design and build data processing systems and create machine learning models on Google Cloud Platform. Learn more



Get coding experience overseen by Google technical experts. Codelabs provide guided, hands-on, self-paced tutorials that teach you how to take advantage of the latest cloud products, machine learning APIs, and productivity based applications.

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